These days it’s very easy to get caught up in your own hectic schedule, which makes it difficult to be present in your current relationships let alone formulate new ones. It happens to myself from time to time as well. I always have to remember to set aside a moment to reconnect with those I love.

Even when you are dealing with all life’s obstacles, sometimes showing your love is easier than you think! Being “busy” can no longer be an excuse to stop showing you care! Sometimes showing you love is as simple as 1,2,3…


Handwritten notes are something that I have always adored. Since I have been thirteen, I have kept aside every single card or letter I’ve been given. I think when something is written out, pen to paper, it’s just more personal.  Seeing a simple “I love you” on a sticky note when you wake up, or an anonymous “you are beautiful” note left on your car, would be a sweet start to anyone’s day.


Compliments can always make you happier. Ever notice that when someone compliments you, it changes you whole mood or sometimes even your entire day? Be that day-changer for a total stranger, you never know what they could be going through.  So a sweet word from you will definitely put a smile on their face, no matter what!

1c722e4525fef3d9536e148712e3fa6e LISTEN UP BUTTERCUP

It sounds so easy, yet really few master it. With many of us having a lot on our plate, sometimes just having someone to be there to lend an ear is all we need. But the real trick is to listen with intent; you must give your full attention to them. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to be there for them will mean a lot and make them feel important…but most of all, loved.

Just remember that showing your love doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. So the next time a little extra love is needed, just keep in mind that sometimes it’s the simple things that can mean the most.


XO Katie