Wedding capes have been a budding trend in bridal style this year as more brides are deciding to adventure away from the traditional look. As designers are having more fun adding color to wedding gowns, brides are less and less afraid to think outside the box for their big day.

If you are looking for a perfect way to show your personality on your wedding day but want to maintain a traditional feel, bridal or wedding capes may be the perfect option. They are subtle enough to act similarly to a veil, adding a layer of mysticism and elegance without taking away from your dress.

Capes are made in a multitude of styles: capulets, hooded, high-necks, elongated sleeves, short, with trains, lace, beaded, embroidered, and more. That being said, it’s important to make sure you find the right cape to match your dress.

BERTA Embellished Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress. Sold at Nordstrom.

The look: this strapless BERTA dress has been styled with a long-sleeve lace cape that clasps in front of the neck. With a strapless dress, you can play with capes that have sleeves or detailed necklines because they add to your shoulders and neckline without taking away from the dress.

Thin sleeves and camisole straps are another style of dress that works perfectly with your pick of bridal capes. You have the freedom to add one with sleeves or choose a style like the Tadashi Shoji cape pictured below that may rest along your shoulders like that of a poncho. Be careful with sleeved dresses- illusion ones (pictured last) work best with capes as the sheer fabric along most of your arm doesn’t distract or overwhelm the look as much as an embroidered one would. Check out BHLDN and Nordstrom for the dresses below and the wedding capes of your dreams!

If you decide to or are thinking of designing a custom gown, ask your designer for samples incorporating a cape or extending tulle sleeves from the shoulders of your gown to give the illusion of a cape without altering the front design of your gown. Have fun with it and try something new!


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