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Do you ever get lost in a fantasy of sipping Peña Coladas on white sand beaches next to your soon to be spouse? If so, I would say you have a case of wanderlust, or an intense desire to travel. Why wait for your honeymoon when you can say your vows with paradise as your venue?

Destination weddings are rare but not extinct! And, with the proper planning and strategy, you can find yourself jet setting to your I-do’s in no time… even on a budget! It all depends on where you go!

So don’t let distance scare you! There are limitless options of places to choose from! In researching, I found that there really isn’t one place that is “the best”. However, there are particular places listed more frequently than others.  The three most popular destination weddings of 2015 seem to be: Greece, Costa Rica and Hawaii. Apparently people are all about dipping their toes into the salt water and catching a few rays of sunshine on their wedding day. So prepare for take off, because you are going to arrive to the top wedding destinations of your dreams.


Greece is said to be one of the most desired wedding destinations in the world. With its rich culture and beautiful architecture, it brings you a well-rounded venue. There are plenty of sight seeing options and beautiful beaches to explore. You could have your wedding on the sand, or in a beautiful historic Greek building.  Also it is in Europe, so you can honeymoon all over with the proximity of countries.


Costa Rica is a gem offering some of the most magnificent scenery. This is a place for our nature lovers. With ocean, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes and exotic animals you will not go a minute without being impressed. Also, this is a location that happens to accommodate weddings quite well and Costa Rica is a more affordable location to travel to compared to some other destinations. So if you are on a budget, but in need of an adventure, you will not be let down by the tropical goodness Costa Rica provides.


I’m sure some of you are thinking a destination wedding would be nice, if you didn’t have to ask your guests to get a passport and go through customs before seeing your ceremony. If so, Hawaii may be the place for you. It is the popular destination wedding for North Americans wanting to travel, without leaving the country.  It is a location rich in Hawaiian culture that is welcoming to tourists with a laid back atmosphere. You and your guests can enjoy a traditional Luau with ukuleles, hula dancing and tikki torches.

Be adventurous and dip your toes into a destination wedding. You know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Why not profess your love for one another away from home?

We would love to help you plan your special destination wedding!

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