Well beauties we have made it through some of our favorite traditions and learned their curious beginnings. Now its time for one of my favorite traditions the somethings…

The Somethings


Represents the bride’s connection with her past and the life she had with her family. Most commonly a treasured family heirloom.



This is something fresh to start the bride’s new life with. It represents her new future with her husband.

somethingnewPhotography : Nattnee Photography


This is a reminder to the bride that her family will always be there for her because when you borrow something you must return it. It is customary to borrow something from a parent as they are usually closest to you.

somethingborrowed Photography: Esther Sun


In biblical times, blue represented purity so carrying this color with you symbolized your innocence. Many brides use a blue bow on their garter as a simple touch.


And a Silver Sixpence in your shoe

The silver sixpence represents future wealth and is a good luck charm to start your new married life with.


Well there they are! Thank you for exploring some of our favorite traditions with us. Now its your time to share! Tell us how you made (or how you will) make these traditions your own!

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