It’s cloudy and rainy here in California, but that’s not stopping us from sharing our favorite spring wedding trends right now! We are looking ahead to spring and feeling excited for our couples this year and the ways they are embracing these trends for their wedding.

Green, Green, and more Green

couture events sf launch party vintage rug tablescape

The tablescape from our SF Launch Party. Photo Credit: OneLove Photography

This new and innovative style is the use of greenery and natural materials into parts of your wedding. The appeal to greenery is the diverse types that can be used to create a unique warmth, custom appearance, and personalized look. The greenery is soothing and attractive to the eye, while also expressing an elegance and splendor to your décor. Greenery can be used in several ways, as table runners, flower bouquets, accents to the alter, groomsmen boutonnieres, centerpieces, or decoration on the cake. It blends perfectly with any color theme you choose, and it is the official Pantone color of the season. One of our favorite color palettes is a rose gold, blush, champagne, and cream color scheme accented with greenery for that classic but organic vibe. This trend has been on the rise in weddings, but will explode this season without a doubt!

– written by Hayley Hardick

Rose Gold

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star

Weddings and fashion have had a long history and love affair with rose gold, a color crossed between pink/copper and gold. It’s the type of trend that has gone in and out of style, and right now it’s definitely a MUST. In the fashion, beauty and wedding world, rose gold has been making a regular appearance.

There are so many shades in this color palette that bring a warmth to nearly any design. Rose gold is a pretty, friendly, and romantic color, it’s not as bold as true gold, but also not as subtle as silver. It’s a happy in between that looks good on almost any skin tone and pairs well with other colors.

The latest popular trend we’re seeing in weddings across the country, are enchanting rose gold accents. This trend is showing up on everything from rings, table decor, invitations and so much more! This romantic color pairs well with a variety of different wedding themes from the most rustic to the most glamorous. Rose gold has seemingly been a hit in almost every season, but because of its pink undertone it’s sure to be a big hit this Spring! The fashion, beauty and wedding industries are taking this trend and turning it into a lifestyle, integrating this color everywhere in charming, creative ways. Rose is the new gold and we LOVE it! 

– written by Alissa Bisharat

XO coutureevents