The day after your wedding who knows how your hair and make up will look! That is why we went with a cute low bun for the Bridal Brunch look, so that no matter what your curls look like the morning after, they will be pulled up in the cutest style. For your makeup, make sure to wash your face that night (it is not good to sleep in makeup) but let’s be real sometimes that does not happen! If that’s the case, wash your face the next morning and apply a soft eye + a pretty coral pink lip.



STEP 1: Work with the volume you have, brush all your curls to one side and pin or tie with a rubber band.


STEP 2: Separate your side pony in to 2 sections, twist them each the opposite ways all the way to the ends. After you are done twisting then twist the two sections together.


STEP 3: Grab the center of your big twist and pinch with your fingers then push that hair up towards your pony tail & keep going until all the hair is in one big knot/bun, then grab your bobby pins and start pinning!




STEP 1: A quick way to look awake and lively is by throwing on a pair of false lashes! The eyeshadow can remain neutral and simple, the lashes are what will make your eyes POP!
STEP 2: Add some blush to the apples of your cheeks to for a fresh and colorful look
STEP 3: Last but certainly not least: add a pop of color for your lippie! A coral pink lip like this one will make this such a fun daytime look!

Styled by Elle Bridal Boutique:


Getting Ready Lace Robe– $165
Little Blush Romper– $95
Twigs & Honey Hair Piece– $180
Mimi & Lu Gold Earrings– $79
Ivory Shoes– $120
Day Dreams Notebook– $12
“Mrs” Sparkly Sign– $48

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