For the rehearsal dinner look, the anticipated night before the biggest day of your life, it is best to go with something soft in order to prepare for your big day, your hairstylist will LOVE if you show up with a little bend in your hair & have it a day old, your make up artist will love that she isn’t having to wipe off layers of eyeshadow, mascara or liner. With a soft brown eye, thin liner + a soft lip it’s the perfect way to look fabulous while making it easy for your stylists to work with the next day. Plus, if you go soft the night before then you will be sure to WOW your guests with your bridal look! That is why we went with beach waves, loose bohemian braids + a natural eye & lip.


Make up:


STEP 1: To play up the bohemian look, wear a light to medium coverage foundation so your real skin can shine through in all it’s natural beauty.


STEP 2: Sometimes less is more. Keep the eyes neutral toned for this boho look.


STEP 3: This look could also be described as “free spirited” and just like the eyes, keep your lips soft and natural by wearing either a nude lipstick or a tinted lip balm.



STEP 1: Take small sections and wrap your hair around your curling iron, leaving an inch of your ends out.


STEP 2: Take a section from one side of your hair and braid it back then pin, take a section from the other side and do the same thing. Once they are secured you can go through and pull the braids apart, giving it that loose bohemian look.


STEP 3: Top it off with a gorgeous head piece.

Styled by Elle Bridal Boutique!

Get the Look:


Getting Ready Lace Robe– $165
Little White Dress– $195
Twigs and Honey hair piece– $190
Mimi & Lu Gold Teardrop earrings– $53
Mimi & Lu Stackable Bracelets– $38 each
Dainty Teardrop Ring/Accent Rings – $16-$32
Mimi & Lu Arrow Bangle– $66
“Pretty Thoughts” Notebook– $12

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