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Intern Appreciation

Every semester we get to spend time with a new group of talented young people who are eager to learn from our planners. They get to be a part of our team and learn the art of event planning in a few short months! This semester our interns are fantastic and we want to recognize their hard work and ambition to go above and beyond for our Couture Family!

Meet Krista

krista couture intern

Hi. I’m Krista Colteaux, lets begin where I started–I am originally from the Bay Area, where I was born and raised, until college and new adventures brought me to Sacramento–more specifically Sacramento State University where I have established myself and continue to build my life as a vegan only, yoga loving, soon to be graduate with a B.S. in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism! In my free time you can find me cooking and baking new recipes, spending time with my friends and family, or at the yoga studio. There is no doubt that I love exploring, whether that be going to concerts and traveling, or trying new things on a regular Tuesday —there is always a chance to grow and I try to find that daily and adventurously.

This next adventure could not be more exciting to me! I am beyond thrilled to be part of the Couture Event’s team as one of their fall interns. I’ve always loved anything having to do with challenging my creative side. When I was younger, one of my favorite parts about my birthday was creating a new theme and planning my parties down to every last detail. I can’t wait to continue to challenge myself and learn from the amazing Couture Event’s coordinators.

Krista’s Favorites

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Venti non-sweetened black iced tea with no water & 3 pumps of chai (try saying that 3 times fast).

Favorite Designer: Anything & everything from Top Shop!

Favorite Movie: I have so many! But if I have to narrow it down, I’d say my faves are Selena & The Sandlot.

Favorite Place in the World: Hawaii will always have a piece of my heart, but I absolutely loved everything about traveling around Spain.

Meet Mackenzie

mackenzie daly intern

Hi everyone! My name is MacKenzie and I am a junior at Point Loma Nazarene University. I’m studying communications, and have always had a knack for event planning. So, I’m super excited to be interning with Couture Events this fall. At PLNU, I’m an RA and I’ve had plenty of experiences planning events for the residents in my dorm. Planning hall events has given me so much joy! I absolutely love watching every small piece come together.

Pursuing creativity has always been something that I am passionate about. I love thinking of new ideas and new ways to make a mark on the people around me. Being a communications major, I love being around people and discovering what people are passionate about. I can plan and plan and plan, but the best part of it all is seeing the smiles of people around me light up.

I am so excited to be a part of the Couture Events team, and I cannot wait to see what beautiful weddings and events I get to be a part of!

MacKenzie’s Favorites

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Chai Latte with a shot of espresso

Favorite Designer: For my future wedding dress, definitely Limor Rosen or Tony Ward. In general, I love to mix and match from thrift stores.

Favorite Movie: Disney movies have my heart! Two of my favorites are Up and Peter Pan.

Favorite Place: The drive from the mountains to the beach in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.

Meet Marla


Hello friends! My name is Marla Wiechmann and I am currently a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University. Throughout my studies, I have kept my eyes and ears open for anything that might peak my interest and bring me closer to finding my purpose in life. Event and wedding planning could very easily be that thing. In my spare time I find myself scrolling through Pinterest, constantly adding new ideas and trends to my wedding board. This was one of the many signs pointing me toward an internship with Couture Events. I am a heartless romantic. I love love. There is something about a love story that gets me all warm inside. I am also an avid coffee drinker and committed concertgoer. From late night laughs with my friends to sleeping in, it’s the joy in the little things that fuels my passion for life. I am so excited to be working with Couture this semester and learning more about what it means to turn a vision into a reality!

Marla’s Favorites

Favorite Starbucks drink: Upside down iced caramel macchiato (sometimes with extra caramel sauce if I’m feeling crazy)

Favorite designer: Either Kate Spade or Michael Kors

Favorite movie: There are too many to chose from! But you can never go wrong with Disney

Favorite place in the world: I LOVE to travel so it is hard to pick, but Ireland and Italy are definitely my top two favorite countries (so far)

XO coutureevents
Meet the Interns

It’s been another busy summer for us and our interns have been fast at work! We’re so excited to introduce our fabulous summer interns to our community and our Couture Family.


Hey guys! I’m Denise. I just graduated from San Diego State University a month ago and am taking a year off before heading off to grad school. Although I didn’t pursue event planning in my studies, I’ve always had a niche for it. In high school, I was the friend to go to when it came time to organize pre-homecoming or pre-prom plans. Finding the right venue to take photos, looking for the best place to eat beforehand, mapping out an itinerary to make my friends’ lives easier– I had so much fun doing it all! In college, I fostered these abilities by joining the SDSU PINK Campus Street team. The PINK Campus Street Team is responsible for endorsing the VSPINK brand—all while having fun too! I helped organize campus events such as coordinating a viewing for the annual VSFashion Show and I’ve even made snapchat filters for these campus affairs!

I’m an avid pinterest-er, and am always finding a DIY project to keep me busy. I’m all about crafts, fashion, and people with creative minds. More than anything I love large gatherings. There’s a sort of spark to the environment when all the people you love are in the same room at the same time. I think that’s what drew me to weddings. I’m soo excited to be interning with Couture Events this summer and am eager to learn all there is about event planning!


Favorite Starbucks Drink: Iced white mocha, regardless of how cold the weather is! Iced over hot coffee any day

Favorite Designer: Kate Spade

Favorite Movie: All the 80s RomComs! Dirty Dancing, Can’t Buy Me Love just to name a few

Favorite Place in the World: Maui, definitely. There’s something magical in the air over there!


My name is Cierra Serrano, I’m from a small town in San Diego county called Valley Center. I graduated high school in 2014, I played sports a majority of my life from softball, lacrosse, and cheerleading. I have one semester left at Sierra Nevada College, North Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, NV. I was a part of the women’s lacrosse team for two years, and always had the goal of being a business major and getting involved with some type of event planning company. I had my first experience with Couture Events when I was 16, San Diego Coordinator, Karina, planned my Sweet 16, which was Alice and Wonderland themed. I fell in love with the process that I went through to have my party be such a success. I’ve had a great experience with Couture Events as a client, and I cannot wait to gain the experience working as a part of the Couture team!

Fun Facts About Cierra

Favorite Starbucks Drink: It’s a tie between an Iced Vanilla Latte or a Mango Black Tea Lemonade.

Favorite Designer: Still figuring out my absolute favorite!

Favorite Place in the World: I love to travel – I just got back from a trip to South Africa where I helped renovate a few schools, tutor, and take classes as well, with a layover in Barcelona, Spain on my way home. I have a plan on visiting Vietnam next summer, and hopefully Venice, Italy. Eventually I want to travel across Europe.

           Favorite Movie: hands down favorite movie is The Lion King.

XO coutureevents
Meet the Interns: Spring 2017

We love our interns! Meet the fabulous four that have joined our team this semester. We can’t wait to see them grow in our Couture family!

Meet Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah Bullat and I am in my last semester at San Diego State University, finishing my Hospitality and Tourism Management degree. I have wanted to be an event planner since I was 16, so I have lived and breathed the hospitality industry for the past 6 years! Applying for colleges with a career in mind set me on the path to success from the get-go. I have worked in catering and hotel guest services for the past 4 years, all as a part of my graduation requirements. I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California and moved to San Diego when I began college. My favorite things to do are brunching, shopping and napping. I love all things pretty and magical, and sometimes live in a fantasy world where I am a Disney Princess.

Being able to work with Couture Events this semester as an intern will most definitely further my interest and training in the events industry, while being able to work with the kind of fabulous and magical team I have always wanted to! I can’t wait for everything that is to come in the next couple months!

Fun Facts About Sarah

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Hot: Chai Tea Latte Cold: Raspberry Green Tea Lemonade

Favorite Designer: Anything from Nordstrom! Rebecca Minkoff, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman

Favorite Movie: Tangled

Place in the World: Paris or London, I can’t decide! I’ve studied abroad twice in Europe and absolutely love it!

Meet Hunna

Hello! My name is Hannelore Jung, most everyone calls me Hunna, and I am beyond excited to be working as an Intern with Couture Events this spring! I am currently finishing up my junior year at Point Loma Nazarene University as a Managerial Organizational Communications major. I grew up in the small country town of Poway, California just a short drive from the sunny city of San Diego. When I’m not in class or working I love to spend my free-time painting, reading, working out, and spending time with friends and family.

I have always been very passionate about fashion, design, art and everything in between. When I was little I would sit on the floor of my living room with a giant pink note pad and my 24-pack of Crayola crayons and draw sketches of wedding dresses, dreaming of that magical day. I am beyond excited to be a part of such an enthusiastic and creative group of women dedicated to making each brides wedding dream into a reality!

Fun Facts About Hunna

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Iced Lemonade-Peach Green Tea

Favorite Designers: Free people, Top Shop, Wild Fox, Anthropologie

Favorite Book: To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Favorite Place: So far in my travels, my favorite place I have ever visited is definitely Edinburgh, Scotland. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Meet Hayley

Hi! My name is Hayley Hardick and I have had the pleasure of being a California girl for my entire life. I love everything that California has to offer, whether it be catching a wave, snowboarding down a slope, or hiking a beautiful scenic route. These are just a few reasons why I couldn’t leave when I was selecting which college to attend, I am a junior at the University of San Diego and I am majoring in Communication. I am hoping to pursue a career in event planning once I graduate next spring. I am an active nature girl and enjoy creating and building relationships with new people. It is easy for me to strike up a conversation with someone I do not know, I feel it is very important to be a good listener so you can discover what makes each person unique. I devote some of my spare time to yoga and spin classes, so I can stay fit and continue to grow my communication skills simultaneously.

I am beyond thrilled to have this internship opportunity, and look forward to embarking on this journey with Couture Events family. I’m lucky to be a part of this team and can’t wait to gain insight and knowledge from this experience.

Fun Facts About Hayley

Favorite Starbucks Drink: White chocolate mocha in the winter and passion tea in the spring.

Favorite Designer: Tom Ford, his brand is edgy and modern. I also admire Carolina Herrera, her line is always sophisticated and radiant.

Favorite Movie: Tuck Everlasting/ Aquamarine

Favorite Place: Big Bear or Redlands

Meet Alissa

My name is Alissa Bisharat, I attend the University of San Diego majoring in Communication with a minor in Philosophy. I am fortunate enough to call the beautiful city of San Diego home, where I was born and raised. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, which fueled my love for traveling and desire to travel the world. I have been a cheerleader/dancer my entire life and for the past two years I have volunteered as the head cheer coach for a pop warner team called the Norsemen. I have always been passionate about all things related to fashion, beauty and event planning. I was apart of the Nordstrom Fashion Board program when I was in high school, which ultimately lead to my employment there on and off for about 2 years. I have a HUGE family so attending and planning events is something I have always been very fond of. After looking into the company I knew Couture Events would be a beneficial place where I could flourish and exercise my creativity. The concept of every wedding/event being Couture (individualized and elegant) for each client is something I find valuable and attractive. I am extremely excited to intern with such an admirable company and discover what happens behind the scenes.

Fun Facts About Sarah

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Iced Soy Dirty Chai

Favorite Designer: Free People

Favorite Book/Movie: Harry Potter

Favorite Place in the World: Florence, Italy


XO coutureevents
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