Marvelous Monday: SHAKE IT OFF

We have spent the last week SHAKING IT OFF with

 our wedding industry friends,

our Little Italy neighbors (nearby our office),

and our pups!

HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our shenanigans, let us film you, danced with us, and sang along with us to Taylor!

In the world of weddings and events it’s very easy to let the little things to get to you so sometimes you just have to take a minute and


Since Taylor Swifts video “Shake It Off” came out we have been using it to let the little stuff go, not let the big stuff get to us, and just remembering not to take ourselves so seriously! Thank you to Weston Gleave to putting it all together! ** Watch closely, you just might see someone you know! XOXO

Shake It Off: Couture Style from Couture Events on Vimeo.

Special SHAKIN’ IT credit goes to:

Cecelia, Vocabulary Boutique


Kaitlyn Sullivan

Sara & Jessica, France Photographers

Bryan, Bryan Miller Photography

Suzanne , She Wanders Photography

Sharon, Organic Elements

Kimberly, CAKE

Analysia, Analysia Joy Phography

Riley, Chloe + Isabel

Jennifer, Jennifer Cole Flowers

Vanessa, US Grant Hotel

Krystel, Karina, Danielle, Kelli, Katie, Sydney, Couture Events

Chanel & Bruiser

and the other lovely people who shook it for us, but we do not know your names! THANK YOU!

XO coutureevents

Marvelous Monday : Feeling Inspired

We know how tough Mondays can be tough (sigh) When we are feeling a little sluggish in the beginning of the week these quotes get us going and back into productive mode. We hope they can do the same for you!

Happy Monday!


Create something beautiful this Monday.


Oprah wasn’t built in a day.


Believe you can and your halfway there.


Channel your inner girl boss.


And of course when in doubt, Beyonce is inspiration enough for any Monday.

XO coutureevents
A Daily Reminder…

One of our favorite mottos at Couture Events….


Listen to your heart and your soul and give them what they want! Whatever that may be! Go for a walk outside, paint, do yoga, sip your morning coffee with an issue of Vogue…whatever rejuvenates, inspires, and revitalizes you, do that!


Taking time to enjoy life will only improve and inspire your work.


Go out and design a life you love darlings, its vital.


XO coutureevents

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