What to wear for your engagement shoot!

We get asked this question A LOT: “What should I wear for our engagement session… wait, what is my fiance going to wear?”

We understand that you don’t take photos together everyday and you may not be sure how to match without looking too cheesy or matchy matchy.  We would love to help you style this shoot and wanted to give you our TOP 10 COUTURE TIPS on how to style your engagement session!

We partnered up with Cecelia Church of Vocabulary Boutique and Bryan Miller Photography to bring you this gorgeous inspiration!

  1. Choose two different looks for your session.

One that is fancy and one that is more casual. You will be using these photos for different purposes (Save the dates, wedding websites, home wall decor) and they are great memories so make sure you have options to choose from. Selecting multiple outfits is one way to assure you will have diversity in your photos.

2. Coordinating Colors vs. Matching.

We believe in coordinating colors! In this case, we first chose her dress (that she felt comfortable and beautiful in, confidence is KEY) and then chose one of the smaller pops of color, blush, on the dress to then find an accenting shirt for him. If we had chosen a white shirt for him, it would blend too much with her dress and if we had chosen a blue shirt, it would be too much blue with his blue jeans.

We have seen too many white tops & jeans matchy photos… just don’t do it!

3. It’s all about the details.

Think about your accessories. It’s not just the dress that we notice, we also see the shoes, the jewelry, the clutch. The fun accessories bring the outfit together and make it look effortless. We have had brides in the past say, I got this gorgeous dress but couldn’t find shoes to go with it, I was hoping we could just shoot from the bottom of the dress up… this is not something that the photographer or you want to worry about when you are taking your engagement photos.


We love food props, ice cream, cupcakes, cookies (anything that is meaningful or special to the two of you). We also really enjoy when couples incorporate their fur babes into their engagement shoots. Other fun prop ideas are: flowers, balloons, picnic basket, or confetti! Get creative with this and have fun!

5. Picture it together before the engagement session!

We suggest photographing your outfit all together with accessories to make sure you love it before the engagement session day! You can also try it with different accessories and options and then choose the one you like best! Then try on the one you like best and make sure it’s a perfect combination.

6. Location, Location, Location

Choose a location that is meaningful to the two of you. Remember to think about lighting as well. If you want soft light photos, don’t choose a dark coffee shop for your photos or start photos at sunset. Start an hour before sunset to get that perfect shot at sunset. Think about lighting direction and shadows, your photographer should also be thinking about these things but if you choose a location that has no shade, it will be harder for them to get the photo you want.

7. Take some individual photos as well

While you have the photographer there take some individual photos that you can use later for your business, instagram, or anything else you have going on. Why not get a few fun individual shots.


Your engagement session should not be SERIOUS, this a time for you to get to know your wedding photographer, hang out with your fiance, and have this moment in time captured. Don’t get overly stressed out about your engagement session, if you are stressed it will show in your photos. Have fun with it!

9. Let him do it!

Have him hold the flowers or the ice cream or some of the fun props, usually you see the girl with the flowers, the coffee, the ice cream. Let him hold the fun props sometimes too… he’s obviously holding it for you and we think it’s super sweet and endearing to see the guy holding the prop. Switch it up… it’s fun!

10. His & Hers

We love the idea of his and hers… one for him, one for her! Cookies, coffee, cocktails, ice cream, as you can see there are many things that make his and hers fun and it also contributes to your “favorites” and helps tell “your story”. If you can make it something fun that you will also have at your wedding, that is super sweet too. Make the cocktails you get for the shoot your signature drinks for your wedding day. Serve your favorite ice cream to guests and use the same flavors from the engagement session. You get the idea!

Clothing: Vocabulary Boutique

Coordinator: Couture Events

Photography: Bryan Miller Photography

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Wedding Trends Inspired by the Oscars 2016

This year’s Oscars brought hot new trends that we think translate to fabulous wedding trends! Arguably the most highly anticipated event of awards season, the Oscars never fails to disappoint. For us fashion fanatics, eagerly awaiting the dresses celebrities will be wearing is (almost) more exciting than the awards show itself. Waiting for each star to emerge from their limo causes more anticipation than waiting to hear if Leo walked away with the best actor award…(ok maybe not quite). Nonetheless, seeing latest looks for this special occasion can’t help but spark some serious gown inspiration for brides to be. These are the top wedding trends we saw on the red carpet!


Wedding Trends Lace

Lace detailing has become an extremely popular way to add a romantic feel to dresses, decorations, cakes, and everything in between. Lace is a classic bridal look that took the red carpet by storm. All we can say is, Rooney Mara and Jennifer Lawrence owned this look. The form fitting lace paneled dresses worn by these gorgeous ladies proves this look can be taken many different directions and is trendy yet timeless. Lace can go from runway, to red carpet, to down the aisle; we say lace highlights are definitely a “do!”

Plunging Necklines

Wedding Trends Plunging Neckline

Charlize Theron takes the cake for the most awe worthy plunging dress on the red carpet. Her cherry red gown is evidence that the low dropping V neckline can, in fact, be tasteful. We also loved Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie’s gowns, proving that even plunging necklines paired with sequins can be both classy and glamorous. Without a doubt, a deep plunging neckline with a long feminine silhouette, like we saw on the red carpet, will translate seamlessly into a bridal gown trend this year.

Sexy in Strapless

Wedding Trends Strapless

Looking for something simple that also makes a bold statement? We adore strapless dresses as they let your neckline do all the talking. There is something so subtle yet sexy about a strapless dress that makes it a perfect fit for a summer or spring wedding. They are also a flattering option for bridesmaid dresses and can be dressed up by adding a statement necklace for a completely new look. Strapless dresses can appeal to anyone looking for a versatile and stylish look.


Wedding Trends Pastels

Pastels are one of our favorite trends this year! They are understated yet so bold and unique. Pretty pastels are perfect for all weddings year round. Soft pinks and baby blues complement the use of patterns or colors for most wedding décor. Incorporate pastel colors for bridesmaids dresses, table accessories, or flowers arrangements to add a creative touch to your special day. Pair pastels with wooden tables for a softer feel to a rustic look or play with textures to add drama to centerpieces. Pastels are sure to inspire you to play with textures and be daring with the design of your wedding!


Wedding Trends Embellishment

The glamour and regal feel that embellishments add to any dress is unquestionable. The stunning Alicia Vikander gets our vote for best dressed on Sunday evening.   The star looked absolutely flawless in her pastel princess gown. Dressing to embody Belle from Beauty and the Beast, it is hard to deny everything about her gown screamed bridal glamour; the embellished touch keeping her right on trend.

One-of-a-Kind White Gowns

Wedding Trends white gowns

Celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Lady Gaga rocked sultry, sophisticated, and very unique white silhouettes. White is our forever go-to color; it’s crisp, it’s versatile and it’s always in-style. Brides looking for a classic gown with a modern twist can mimic these fashion forward ladies by looking for obscure cut outs, distinctive necklines and irreplaceable details to personalize their very own white gown.

And we cannot forget about the men!

Bow Ties

Wedding Trends Bowties  

Ditch the traditional tie look and make an effortless statement by wearing a bowtie for a unique look. You absolutely cannot go wrong with looking like a gentleman in any formal occasion. Choose a bowtie that fits the scheme of the wedding or each groomsmen’s personalities as they can choose to wear one of plaid, striped, or classic black. Bow ties can become a conversation piece as they add spunk and flare to a traditional black suite. They completely show off confidence and class while drawing attention to a man’s face. The secret to showing off this look is to make it look effortless.


Kayla and Hayley

All images found from E! and Vogue

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2016 Fashion and Beauty Wedding Trends

A little over a month ago we rang in 2016 with toasts to a great New Year and celebrations with loved ones. As 2016 continues, so do the toasts and the celebrations, as couples anticipate walking down the aisle to say, “I do”. The pinnacle of this moment has been preceded by months of planning the perfect special day for the bride and groom. For the bride, finding the dress is something she’s dreamed of since her Disney Princess days, and 2016 is sure to be a year of dream worthy gowns, glamorous accessories, and beautiful hair and makeup. Five craze worthy fashion and beauty wedding trends we envision for 2016 are:

1. Mismatched Bridesmaids Gowns

Traditionally, perfectly matched bridesmaids have lined the bride’s side at the altar, however, the trend of mismatched gowns seems to take the stage (or altar) these days. Switching up the cuts, lengths, and shapes of bridesmaid dresses is a great way to add personality to each bridesmaid while remaining cohesive through the matching color scheme. 2016 is sure to see this new, modern way to personalize wedding fashion.

2. Loose, Laidback, “Effortless” Hair

When we think traditional bridal hair we think formal up-dos and tightly bound ringlets. While still keeping the polished look of a pulled back style, the looser buns and larger “effortless” waves that we’ve been seeing give a soft, subtle and glamorous look. More and more we are seeing styles like a low bun with a loose braid intertwined, or a half-up, half-down mermaid wave, paired with the perfect dress and accessories to compliment the bride’s style.

3. Open Back Dresses

Open back anything has been all the rage in the past few years. Something about the conservative neckline and awe of an exposed back screams classy and sophisticated, yet utterly sultry. The modest high-necked front of a dress, with a low dipping back makes such a statement. It’s perfect for pictures and walking down the aisle!

4. Lace Dresses

Something about white lace exudes romance. It’s classic, elegant and dainty in all the right ways. We are huge fans of the long sleeved lace look especially with a low swooping back. Lace can be so versatile when playing with the accessories and make-up. It can take a bohemian route with long loose waves, or a more conservative route with a twisted chignon and pearls.

5. Hair Jewels

They’re luxe, they’re modern, and they add that final polished, yet playful touch. We are all for pairing them with a perfectly placed bohemian bun. Jewels around your neck will always be timeless, but jewels in your hair are a new, unexpected twist on a wedding accessory.



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