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Today we’re sharing our top tips for tipping! You’re approaching the wedding day, the big details are done but there is one small detail that almost everyone frets over, tipping. Luckily there are some great resources like The Knot or Martha Stewart Weddings that have us covered. All of these explain who to tip, when it is expected or optional, and how much to tip. We’ve narrowed down the ins and outs of tipping and come up with a guide that will give you a good idea how to budget.

All of these vendors have and will be working hard to make sure your day goes off with out a hitch. So it is important to thank these people, as they all will have had a part in making your day special. Knowing about tipping before the final weeks will help you budget that amount so you can truly enjoy your wedding day, headache free! Hope this helps you as you plan!

Tipping 101

Wedding Planner

The general consensus for wedding planners is that they will not be expecting a tip. If you feel that they did an exceptional job, however, and went above and beyond in service, a 15% tip, nice gift, or up to $500 is appropriate.


As one of the most important aspects of your wedding, tipping your catering company, wait staff, and bartenders is a must. When deciding what to tip, make sure that you discuss with the head caterer whether or not the tip is already included in the service fee, as this is common.

Catering: If gratuity is not included, 15-20%. Some may recommend $100 – $300 for the catering manager.

Wait Staff: 15-20% of the total bill before tax, or $20-30 per waiter. It all depends on the final price of the bill, how much service is being provided, and how many waiters are staffed for the event.

Bartenders: 15% of the total bill before tax, or $20-$25 per bartender. Much like with the wait staff, tipping should reflect how much work is being put in to the drinks.


If the photographer owns the business, it is not expected but it is a generous gift that you could send upon receiving the final product. Consider a tip ranging from $50-$200 depending on your experience with them and level of satisfaction.


Much like food service, tipping your hair and makeup people is a must. 15-20% of the total bill is generous.


It is agreed by all tipping professionals that when tipping an officiant, it is better to make a donation to the church. This can range anywhere from $100-$500 depending on your affiliation with the church or congregation.


Much of the tipping for music is up to your discretion. If you feel that they stuck to your playlist and everyone had a great time dancing, then a generous tip is appropriate. If you have a band at your wedding, expect 10-15% or $20-$50 per band member if the gratuity is not already included. For a DJ, plan to tip anywhere from $50-$150 for gratuity.


Many transportation services do expect a tip at the end of the night if it is not already included in their contract. 10-15% is appropriate.

Delivery Services

All delivery services include florists, ceremony staff, bakeries, etc. If things are delivered and set up in a timely manner, expect to tip around $5 – $10 per person.


While many weddings may not include this service, if you do choose to incorporate it, $1-$2 per car is acceptable. Additionally, make sure that valet refuses all additional tips from guests.


Tipping is an act of gratuity for a company providing exceptional service, and is not always required, but merely a “thank-you” for going above and beyond. These tips on tipping are merely suggestions, there are so many other ways of saying thank you that are also greatly appreciated are gifts, such as a nice bottle of wine; hand-written thank you cards; outstanding reviews on Yelp or other recommendation websites, and even referrals to friends.

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Pineapple Wedding Trend

  Cavin Elizabeth Tropical Estate Bride Pineapple Wedding Decor Couture Events
Looking for a fun way to add some tropical fusion to your wedding while maintaining sophisticated elegance? Well, we have been LOVING this pineapple wedding trend recently. This tropical fruit adds the perfect creative twist to any wedding. Whether you correlate pineapples with piña coladas or relaxing days at the beach, pineapples instantly take you to tropical getaways. With that in mind, here are a few ways to add some pineapple flare to your wedding this summer.


Cavin Elizabeth Escort Card Display Pineapple Wedding Trend Couture Events One fun way to incorporate pineapples into your wedding theme is to use it for its main purpose: flavor! There are plenty of sweet treats like pineapple “upside down” cake, or chocolate covered pineapples that are the perfect tropical dessert. If pineapple foods aren’t your style then maybe pineapple infused signature drinks are more your vibe. We recently shared our Summer Wedding Trends and this unique signature drink is a perfect example of staying on trend and still completely your own! Pineapple mimosas, craft pineapple cocktails, or even use the pineapple as the glass, just core the pineapple and fill it with your drink and add a cute custom stirrer and straw!


Cavin Elizabeth Tropical Estate Wedding Tabletop Setting Side Pastel Pineapple Wedding Decor Couture Events Pineapples are great tropical accents on a place setting, ceremony arch, escort card display, or even as the vases themselves. From tabletops to walkways, this use of the pineapple has been nothing short of show stopping. You can also spray-paint the pineapple a bright tropical color or a pretty metallic tone and then the fruit act as “florals” for the table. Who says each aisle has to have a flower bouquet? Toss a pineapple at the end of each row and you’ve got the perfect wedding decoration! This simple elegance is perfect for creating a tropical ambiance! Cavin Elizabeth Tropical Estate Wedding Table Setting White Chairs Pineapple Decor Couture Events

Cavin Elizabeth Tropical Estate Wedding Shoot Invitation Suite Pineapple Wedding Decor Couture Events Pineapple place card holders are fun and colorful for any tabletop setting. Decorative, colorful, inexpensive, and a great personal take home gift for all of your guests—what’s not to love about this?! Cavin Elizabeth Tropical Estate Wedding Escort Card Display Pineapple Wedding Decor Couture Events

Cavin Elizabeth Tropical Estate Wedding Tabletop Setting Menu Pineapple Wedding Decor Couture Events

Photo Credit: Cavin Elizabeth

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Summer Wedding Trends 2016

Now that we are post-Memorial Day, we are officially moving into summer weddings and as we finalize details with these couples, there are some amazing Summer Wedding Trends that we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the coming months! So far, these new trends have been nothing short of extravagant.


Signature Drinks

How delicious and cool do these signature drinks look? Create a whiskey tasting vignette, a tequila bar, or have your signature cocktails prepped and ready to go for guests as they enter the cocktail area to avoid lines at the bar. Create a VIP experience for your guests from the moment they walk into cocktail hour! PS…for the extra touch, add some custom wooden drink stirrers or custom napkins (like these ones from our friends at Delovely Details)



Minet Bridesmaids Couture Events

This summer wedding trend has everyone looking their best – mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the way to go! Bridesmaids now have a say in what they wear on the special day, from color and length to style and fit. Some of the most popular mismatched styles have been different shades of a particular color, different colors of a particular pattern, or just flat out mismatched. No need to feel insecure while walking down the aisle in a dress that doesn’t complement you best, the choice is now yours! This trend is not only fashion-forward, it totally takes the stress away from trying to make the color and style of every bridesmaid dress match perfectly to every body style (not to mention, you’ll finally have a bridesmaid dress that you can wear at places other than a wedding).

Kelsey Bridesmaids Couture Events The Casino at San Clemente

 Surprisingly this trend has also been popular for the groomsmen too. You can expect to see groomsmen this summer wearing more patterned and mismatched ties (like these from The Grunion Run), or some off-beat, stylish derivative of the groom’s suit. For now, the days of wedding uniformity are out — but then again, who ever really encouraged blending in?



Kelsey Scott Dessert San Clemente Wedding

When thinking of summer desserts for your wedding you want something interactive for guests! Custom, decorative boards, like the one we snapped on our phone pictured above, can turn your food into an artistic statement. One of Couture’s own, Karina, turned her dessert station into a work of art. The famed Krispy Kreme donuts hung on pegs and decorated on cake stands. Food walls are a great way to display all of your favorite summer treats and allow guest to take the treats at their leisure!

Donut Wall

Whatever trend you connect to most, let it be stress-free and the perfect, unique reflection of you as a couple!

Photo Credits: Cavin Elizabeth, Brian Saculles, Acres of Hope Photography, Brett Hickman Photographers

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