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The Perfect Engagement Party Look

Engagement Party Look Hair Updo

As a bride, there is no better way to celebrate your events then by glaming yourself up, break out that little white dress + that red lipstick. That is why we chose a messy but elegant high bun + a soft smoky eye with a gorgeous pop on the lip. – Karina Hale

Documented by the brilliant Bryan Miller

Get this glam engagement party look in just 3 fabulous steps from one of our favorite beauty pro’s, Blush and Adore:

Engaged party Look Hair Updo Ponytail


STEP 1: Make your eyes standout with a classic smokey eye by using a dark brown or black shadow, start with your eyes so that if you make a mess with the shadow you can wipe it up without messing up any foundation. Then add a thick liner and mascara to your lower lashes to add more glamour to your look.

Engaged Party Look Make up tips Lace Robe

Engaged Party Look Make up tips

STEP 2: Add a bit of contour under the cheek bone.

Engagement Party Look Make up tips

STEP 3: Add a bold red lip liner to outline your lips, and a cherry red lipstick.

Engagement Party Look Make Up Top Knot Bold Lip


STEP 1: Curl your entire head- you do not have to make each one perfect, take big sections just to give your hair some texture. If you have texture spray, use it for this look!

Engagement Party Look Hair Tips Ponytail

STEP 2: Throw your hair up in a messy high pony tail, take out a few pieces in the front if you like that softness around your face.

Engagement Party Look Hair Tips Bun

STEP 3: Tease your pony tail, then wrap it around the rubber band & start pinning. Top it off with a gorgeous head piece.

Engagement Party Look Hair Updo Hair Piece

Styled by Elle Bridal Boutique!

Get the Look:

Engagement Party Look Little White Dress

Getting Ready Lace Robe, Unlined– $165
Little White Dress- $156 ,
Twigs and Honey Hair Piece- $190,
Crystal Drop Earrings- $59,
Raquel Bracelet- $259,
Sparkle Clutch- $98,

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Creative Ways to Display Your Memorabilia and What to do With Your Dress After the Wedding

After the rush of your big day is over, you might find yourself left over with countless pieces of memorabilia—wedding dress included—that run the risk of sitting in a box collecting dust somewhere. Rather than let them go forgotten on a shelf, there are better ways to creatively preserve and display the most sentimental parts of your wedding. At Modernize, we know how important it is to make your house your home, and what better way to do that than decorating your space with things that you treasure?

Here are 4 different ways to let your big day live on.


via Canadian Living

Shadow Boxes

What do you do with the larger memorabilia that wouldn’t ever stand a chance of being stuffed inside a frame? Put it in a shadow box, of course. Shadow boxes are spacious, box-shaped glass cases with a frame that you can hang up on a wall for display, making them the perfect tool to preserve the more sizeable objects you want to save from your wedding day. Although they have enough depth to hold a few substantial items, make sure that you narrow it down so that your box doesn’t get overstuffed. So pick a theme to help curate your shadow box. For example: pin and arrange the veil and garter to the back of the box and attach any other meaningful item like an engraved cake cutter or table décor. Ultimately, how and what you fill your shadow box with doesn’t matter, so long as it has importance to both of you.

Creative Frames

Wedding day photos are always worth hanging up on display, but there are plenty more ways to fill up your frame than with just pictures. Besides, you know your day was special down to each detail, so don’t those details deserve some showing off, too? Gather up the beautiful and intricate invites, the program for your ceremony, and any other paper goods like a dinner menu that are worth saving and frame them alongside your photos. This way, it creates an experience that will whisk you right back to that moment every time you look at it.

If you had handwritten vows (and aren’t shy) you can print and frame your vows alongside of your photos and invites to create a truly special and sentimental memory. Or get really creative by turning your vows into artwork to hang up in your home like this couple.


via Pinterest

Preserve the Bouquet

If you managed to rescue your bouquet after it got tossed away into a crowd of eligible bachelorettes, then you’ll be able to preserve that as well. Hang your bouquet upside down in a safe and dry area for a few weeks (it can even last for a month or so) and either have them preserved in a bouquet box or flatten them out by pressing them in between two heavy books to be framed. Many professionals offer a freeze-drying service that will preserve your bouquet, so you can enjoy it in the same condition as it was on your wedding day.

The Dress

Often times, brides will simply have their dress cleaned and properly stored in a container by a dry cleaning service, but that isn’t the only way to make your wedding dress last after the big day. Hold on to the dress for your future daughter (or daughter-in-law) to wear on their wedding day, or donate it to an organization like Brides Against Breast Cancer, that uses the profits from selling the dress to support cancer research programs. But sometimes the dress is simply too special to part from, so rather than giving it away, repurpose it into a handkerchief or christening gown for a sweet family heirloom, so that you and others can continue to enjoy it long after your wedding day has ended.

By Katherine Oakes

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Making your goals happen!


We are all about setting goals here at Couture Events! A couple of times a year we all get together and set our professional and personal goals and share them with the group. We also share how we are planning to reach our goals and then hold each other accountable. Sharing them with our team really helps us make sure that we  don’t quit!

We all have trouble committing to goals and so it is really important that you find a system that works for you. If sharing your goals with others isn’t your thing here is another fab idea to make sure you reach your goals!

Write it down! Studies show that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them than those who didn’t.

Here is a great FREE download from Lovely Photocards. This easily downloadable sheet has squares that perfectly fit post it notes so you can switch them out each week, month or year. Once you finish a goal peel off the post-it note and replace it with a new goal.

We recommend it getting it printed and laminated at your local office supply store, that way it will last forever!

Download it here!

PicMonkey Collage

Don’t forget to reward yourself!

When you finish a full sheet of goals treat yourself to a mani-pedi, your favorite treat, or whatever makes you happy! You deserve it!

Small rewards are such wonderful motivation to keep yourself going!

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