Every semester we get to spend time with a new group of talented young people who are eager to learn from our planners. They get to be a part of our team and learn the art of event planning in a few short months! This semester our interns are fantastic and we want to recognize their hard work and ambition to go above and beyond for our Couture Family!

Meet Krista

krista couture intern

Hi. I’m Krista Colteaux, lets begin where I started–I am originally from the Bay Area, where I was born and raised, until college and new adventures brought me to Sacramento–more specifically Sacramento State University where I have established myself and continue to build my life as a vegan only, yoga loving, soon to be graduate with a B.S. in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism! In my free time you can find me cooking and baking new recipes, spending time with my friends and family, or at the yoga studio. There is no doubt that I love exploring, whether that be going to concerts and traveling, or trying new things on a regular Tuesday —there is always a chance to grow and I try to find that daily and adventurously.

This next adventure could not be more exciting to me! I am beyond thrilled to be part of the Couture Event’s team as one of their fall interns. I’ve always loved anything having to do with challenging my creative side. When I was younger, one of my favorite parts about my birthday was creating a new theme and planning my parties down to every last detail. I can’t wait to continue to challenge myself and learn from the amazing Couture Event’s coordinators.

Krista’s Favorites

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Venti non-sweetened black iced tea with no water & 3 pumps of chai (try saying that 3 times fast).

Favorite Designer: Anything & everything from Top Shop!

Favorite Movie: I have so many! But if I have to narrow it down, I’d say my faves are Selena & The Sandlot.

Favorite Place in the World: Hawaii will always have a piece of my heart, but I absolutely loved everything about traveling around Spain.

Meet Mackenzie

mackenzie daly intern

Hi everyone! My name is MacKenzie and I am a junior at Point Loma Nazarene University. I’m studying communications, and have always had a knack for event planning. So, I’m super excited to be interning with Couture Events this fall. At PLNU, I’m an RA and I’ve had plenty of experiences planning events for the residents in my dorm. Planning hall events has given me so much joy! I absolutely love watching every small piece come together.

Pursuing creativity has always been something that I am passionate about. I love thinking of new ideas and new ways to make a mark on the people around me. Being a communications major, I love being around people and discovering what people are passionate about. I can plan and plan and plan, but the best part of it all is seeing the smiles of people around me light up.

I am so excited to be a part of the Couture Events team, and I cannot wait to see what beautiful weddings and events I get to be a part of!

MacKenzie’s Favorites

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Chai Latte with a shot of espresso

Favorite Designer: For my future wedding dress, definitely Limor Rosen or Tony Ward. In general, I love to mix and match from thrift stores.

Favorite Movie: Disney movies have my heart! Two of my favorites are Up and Peter Pan.

Favorite Place: The drive from the mountains to the beach in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.

Meet Marla


Hello friends! My name is Marla Wiechmann and I am currently a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University. Throughout my studies, I have kept my eyes and ears open for anything that might peak my interest and bring me closer to finding my purpose in life. Event and wedding planning could very easily be that thing. In my spare time I find myself scrolling through Pinterest, constantly adding new ideas and trends to my wedding board. This was one of the many signs pointing me toward an internship with Couture Events. I am a heartless romantic. I love love. There is something about a love story that gets me all warm inside. I am also an avid coffee drinker and committed concertgoer. From late night laughs with my friends to sleeping in, it’s the joy in the little things that fuels my passion for life. I am so excited to be working with Couture this semester and learning more about what it means to turn a vision into a reality!

Marla’s Favorites

Favorite Starbucks drink: Upside down iced caramel macchiato (sometimes with extra caramel sauce if I’m feeling crazy)

Favorite designer: Either Kate Spade or Michael Kors

Favorite movie: There are too many to chose from! But you can never go wrong with Disney

Favorite place in the world: I LOVE to travel so it is hard to pick, but Ireland and Italy are definitely my top two favorite countries (so far)

XO coutureevents