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turning over a new page!

 I must admit, I have never been an avid reader. Growing up for me reading was work, something I dreading doing. But you can say I’ve “turned over a new page” since high school. I have come to realize that every now and then I actually like to take the time and sit with a good book in my hand. I have fallen victim once or twice to finishing a book in several hours, it doesn’t happen too often, but when it does its magical!

But you will never catch me in the fantasy section of a bookstore. I am a lover of all things non-fiction. Real people overcoming real obstacles and living to tell them through a paper back.


In her relentlessly crushing yet uplifting memoir, Cupcake Brown tells the down-and-dirty details of her disaster-prone life.

You will be shocked to realize that she actually made it far enough to work through her problems without giving in to the weight of them, let alone graduate magna cum laude from college (without a high school diploma, I might add), finish law school, pass the bar exam, and publish a bound-to-be bestselling book, all the while remaining completely sober. It is a wonder that one human being could accomplish so much given the circumstances.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves a true story read…I have read it several times.



This book almost sounds like the story line out of a haunting movie. Imagine waking up at twenty-four years old, alone in a hospital room without any recollection of how you got there.

Just days before, Susannah Cahalan had been on the road to a perfect life, but now she was labeled violent, psychotic, flight risk.

Reading this story will give you chills until the very last page, it’s truly an amazing story.Brain-on-Fire-book-cover-Jan-12-p1211-401x349



 This is a perfect read for the bride who wants to explore ALL her options as far as picking a wedding venue in Southern or Northern California (AKA: The Wedding Location Bible).

It gives you clear picture of each place, while details about pricing, services and amenities can help streamline your selection process. Here Comes The Guide also includes a selection of per-screened vendors such as photographers, caterers, florists and cake makers, along with tips on how to hire and work with event professionals. Which is the most amazing thing for anyone planning on getting married…huge lifesaver!


XO Katie
Marvelous Monday: SHAKE IT OFF

We have spent the last week SHAKING IT OFF with

 our wedding industry friends,

our Little Italy neighbors (nearby our office),

and our pups!

HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our shenanigans, let us film you, danced with us, and sang along with us to Taylor!

In the world of weddings and events it’s very easy to let the little things to get to you so sometimes you just have to take a minute and


Since Taylor Swifts video “Shake It Off” came out we have been using it to let the little stuff go, not let the big stuff get to us, and just remembering not to take ourselves so seriously! Thank you to Weston Gleave to putting it all together! ** Watch closely, you just might see someone you know! XOXO

Shake It Off: Couture Style from Couture Events on Vimeo.

Special SHAKIN’ IT credit goes to:

Cecelia, Vocabulary Boutique


Kaitlyn Sullivan

Sara & Jessica, France Photographers

Bryan, Bryan Miller Photography

Suzanne , She Wanders Photography

Sharon, Organic Elements

Kimberly, CAKE

Analysia, Analysia Joy Phography

Riley, Chloe + Isabel

Jennifer, Jennifer Cole Flowers

Vanessa, US Grant Hotel

Krystel, Karina, Danielle, Kelli, Katie, Sydney, Couture Events

Chanel & Bruiser

and the other lovely people who shook it for us, but we do not know your names! THANK YOU!

XO coutureevents

Wonderful World of Oz Inspiration

We brought in a touch of magic, a dash of red glitter, and our own yellow brick road to create this wonderland. They say there’s no place like home but we wouldn’t mind hanging out here for a while…

That’s right we created our own wonderful world of Oz for this inspiration shoot and if we do say so ourselves it turned out quite magical.

Analisa Joy Photography-61

We wanted it to be subtle yet sentimental. We wanted to transport you back down that yellow brick road all the way to your childhood memories of Oz. So, together with some fabulous vendors we created our own whimsical Oz love story.

You can also see our shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Analisa Joy Photography-23

Analisa Joy Photography-158

Analisa Joy Photography-159


Analisa Joy Photography-25

Analisa Joy Photography-52

Analisa Joy Photography-59

Analisa Joy Photography-65

oz2 oz3

Analisa Joy Photography-98



Analisa Joy Photography-100

Analisa Joy Photography-116


How cute is our Toto?!

Analisa Joy Photography-120

Analisa Joy Photography-135

Analisa Joy Photography-193 oz7

All thanks to some fabulous vendors :

Photography: Analisa Joy Photography

Styling & Coordination: Couture Events

Florist: Leaf it to Lexi

Desserts: Hey there cupcake

Cake Stands: Minted & Vintage

Paper Goods: Whimsique

Vintage Rentals: Folklore Vintage Rentals

Charger plates & glassware & flatware: Classic Party Rentals

Dinner Plates: Kate Spade

Hair & Makeup: Hot Seat Salon

Jewelry: Mimi and Lu & Chloe and Isabel by Riley

Grooms Sequin Heart: Bando

Grooms Attire: A Better Deal Tuxedo

Wedding Gown: Here Comes The Bride, Designer: Matthew Christopher

XO coutureevents
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